Environmental Ed

Awesome Childrens Outdoor Recreation & Nature Study

ACORNS is like no other field trip, it takes the NC Essential Standards for science and delivers them in a fun and exciting setting that can’t be experienced inside a classroom. Caraway has 1,100 acres of land that serves as our classroom and the ACORNS staff are highly trained to lead hands on experiments in nature to give further enrichment. The students will leave ACORNS with a better understanding of the Essential Standards and a fun and unique experience they won’t forget.


The Day Program is a great option if you are looking for a convenient field trip without having to comprise the educational content in return. The Day Program is 4.5 hours, starts at 9am ends at 1:30pm. During their stay the students will be divided into three groups and paired with a staff member who will lead them during three classes of your choosing.

Alongside with our educational-based classes, we also have three recreation options you can choose as one of your three classes to give your students an exciting twist to their day. Each Class in ACORNS is designed to cover as much content as possible and our class content can range from forces in motion and bodily structures to predator-prey relationships. For 4.5 hours your students can cover a broad range of Essential Standards in a fun and exciting setting.


The Overnight Program allows the students to spend an extended amount of time in nature with the added luxury of sleeping in a climate controlled cabin at night! The extra time spent on the property allows students to cover more Essential Standards due to the fact that overnight groups get the option of choosing more classes than day groups.

The evening program truly creates an unforgettable experience with the night hike and s’mores and songs around the campfire. Don’t let the idea of staying at a camp scare you, Caraway has comfortable facilities, an amazing kid friendly menu that the adults will love too, and you will have the ACORNS Staff to assist you when needed around the clock (ACORNS Staff does not stay in cabins with students). Whether you choose the one night or two night option the Overnight Program is a fieldtrip that delivers an educational and fun experience that the students will talk about for years!