Warrior camp is our summer camp for boys. We create a fun, experiential learning environment away from the norm of life for boys as we explore what the Bible teaches about virtues such as integrity, courage, responsibility, and perseverance. Our daily Biblical virtue will encompass all that we do including worship time, recreations, large group activities, and more. Each day we will participate in a "battle" group competition that creates an opportunity for boys to learn about the Biblical virtue through fun competition. Warrior camp will partner with parents to help prepare boys to be the godly men and mighty warriors of God that He has created them to be.

This is a week-long camp experience for any boy who has completed grade 3 through age 17.  Parents or group leaders bring boys to camp on Monday morning and pick up the boys on Friday in time for lunch.  Campers will stay in cabin groups with other boys their age.  Our trained staff will care for the boys throughout the week.  Activities are planned with your son's age group in mind.  Cabins are modern cabins with air condition, indoor restrooms, hot showers, and bunk beds. What to expect information, times, packing list, forms, and more will be provided after registration.

What about the girls?  During the same week, bring your girls to Horizons Camp for Girls located across the road at Camp Mundo Vista.


Warrior Camp for Boys
Dates: July 11-15, 2022

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