Stephens Program Old

The Stephens Program, is a paid 51 week internship operated out of Caraway Conference Center and Camps offering the opportunity to grow in programmatic planning, hands on skills, and spiritual maturity.. During this program, participants will experience the ins and outs of year round camp ministry. Each fall we invite 6-8 college aged individuals to live on our property and serve alongside us to provide the best service to our guests and rental groups while learning and being involved in the roots of our camps functionality. We focus our attention on our three core values which we believe strongly support our goal to invest in people who love Jesus, the outdoors, and camp ministry. We want to instill professionalism, ownership, and a heart and attitude of service. While focusing on these skills, we also want to pour into your spiritual life with frequent group devotions, intentional discipleship, and purposeful conversations. The Stephens Program also offers a great opportunity for networking and seeing the operations of other camp facilities. For more information or questions, feel free to send an email to the Director of the Stephens Program, Calvin Lindsey, at [email protected].